Cowichan Valley 2017 Summer Games team

The 2017 Special Olympics BC Summer Games are coming to Kamloops July 6 to 8, 2017.

This year’s Cowichan Valley selected team is conformed by:

20 Athletes and 5 Coaches.

Name Sport Athlete or Coach
Amber Benedict 10 Pin Bowling Athlete
Kara Summer 10 Pin Bowling Athlete
Alanna Kay 5 Pin Bowling Athlete
Jenny Scholefield 5 Pin Bowling Athlete
Krista Grzbowski 5 Pin Bowling Athlete
Robert Hall 5 Pin Bowling Athlete
Jean Scholefield 5 Pin Bowling Coach
Debbie McPheators Aquatics Athlete
Jason Smith Aquatics Athlete
Mark Skelton Aquatics Athlete
Mikyla Carlow Aquatics Athlete
Alex Gelinas Aquatics Coach
Arreanna Thomas Rhythmic Gymnastics Athlete
Marisa Owens Rhythmic Gymnastics Athlete
Izmet Barranco Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach
Andrew Martin Soccer Athlete
Chris Oldnafl Soccer Athlete
Dakota Carlow Soccer Athlete
Darian Tielemans Soccer Athlete
Duane Horsman Soccer Athlete
Matthew Carr Soccer Athlete
Tawny Daw Soccer Athlete
Zack Carlow Soccer Athlete
Dave Kohse Soccer Coach
Irene Linther Soccer Coach

We congratulate all selected athletes and coaches and wish you the best on next year competitions.

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