Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description

Welcome! You have taken on a very important role within your communities Special Olympics team. As you are aware, we are an organization driven by the hard work and generosity of volunteers such as yourself. In order to continue to grow and offer life changing opportunities to our athletes while allowing our volunteers to maintain a balanced life, new volunteers must be continuously recruited! We thank you for your support in this endeavor and look forward to working with you!


  • Represent volunteers at Local executive meetings
  • Maintain communication with executive members, volunteers, coaches and SOBC staff
  • Recruit volunteers on an on-going basis
  • Share best practices with SOBC staff so that others may learn from your successes
  • Be an advocate of Special Olympics volunteer opportunities within your community


  • Keep a record of participants paperwork, ensure registration is complete including criminal record checks for new volunteers
  • Connect new volunteer’s with appropriate head coaches
  • Provide follow up for the local by communicating with volunteers new & returning
  • Once a year host a volunteer appreciation event
  • Work with the executive to nominate great local volunteers for our annual awards
  • Identify volunteer needs within your Local Special Olympics team and work to recruit people into these positions and complete their registration
  • Support the Registration Coordinator on your executive in their efforts to complete the annual registration update for SOBC. Please note: if your local does not have a volunteer in this role on the executive, this becomes one of your responsibilities. All information regarding this will be provided by Provincial Office.
  • Support the Fundraising or Campaign Coordinator in their efforts to fill volunteer requirements for special events and fundraisers within the local.

“It is an incredible experience to work around so much positive energy. It makes you want to try to always do the best you can and especially to have fun and enjoy the journey…” -Dianne Zamborsky SOBC Vancouver